Rapper, DIY Network star and Palm Beach County resident Vanilla Ice, aka Rob Van Winkle, made his “Celebrity Family Feud” debut Sunday, Aug. 26, winning $25,000 for Little Smiles!

Vanilla Ice teamed up with his daughter Dusti Rain Van Winkle, his sister, nephew and niece against actress and director Kim Fields and her family.

“We are incredibly grateful to have Rob Van Winkle as an advocate for Little Smiles,” says Little Smiles President Chip Lubeck. “He’s a local, and he sees first-hand the difference Little Smiles makes in our community. He believes in our mission to give kids the chance to be kids during difficult times.”

His donation, and every donation we receive, goes to help children right here in South Florida – to put smiles on the faces of kids in hospitals, group homes, shelters and other facilities. With pizza parties, end-of-chemo celebrations, video games and toys to help kids get through hospital stays, and more.

“Vanilla ice has been kind enough to work with Little Smiles for many, many years now,” says Little Smiles Vice President Virginia Sinicki. “But this brings our relationship to a whole new level. And we are THRILLED!!! Not only did he get us national exposure on television, but he also gifted Little Smiles his $25,000 winnings. We were all watching the show on the edge of our seats. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so loudly at the television! I love Tootie from Facts of Life, but I was cheering for her to blow it!!”

Read more about Vanilla Ice’s donation to Little Smiles in the Sun-Sentinel.