Donate to Little Smiles!

Thank you for donating to Little Smiles!

Without the generosity and love from our community, Little Smiles wouldn’t be able to make the impact that we do each and every day!
Thank you for being an integral part of the Little Smiles Family! When you support us, you support our mission of helping kids be kids during difficult times.

There are multiple ways to donate today!
You can donate once to help us with bringing a particular event such as a pizza party or movie night to a facility.
You can also be a part of our monthly giving program, Friends of Little Smiles. By joining this program, you can help us bring recurring events and smiles to our facilities and kids. Joining our monthly giving program has great benefits such as exclusive Little Smiles swag, discounts to select events, and an invite to special Friends of Little Smiles events!

Little Smiles is now accepting cryptocurrency!
Donate now through The Giving Block below.

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