Little Smiles is honored to welcome Robin Colvin as our newest board member. Robin is the owner of Platinum Title Insurers in North Palm Beach. In her own words, here is why Robin decided to get involved with Little Smiles…

When I learned about Little Smiles from my long-term friend and colleague Chip Lubeck, I was hooked. I knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing organization.

My strong desire to be part of Little Smiles stemmed from my love of children and was also based on close personal experience. In my early 40s, I was diagnosed with cancer, and I am now a survivor of eight years.

I will say, regardless of age, cancer and other serious or terminal illnesses affect not only the patient, but the entire family.

Little Smiles works directly with nurses, who, in my opinion, are heroes in their own right. The nurses and other caregivers on the “front lines” know what their patients need and often bond with the children and families they encounter. They know how to deliver a smile with a slice of pizza, stuffed animal, use of an iPad, or an experience that creates a happy memory. It is such an honor to uplift a child and perhaps bring a moment of comfort to their family.

I love that Little Smiles includes siblings and families in the care process and works to provide assistance for all involved. It is important that any serious illness is fought together, as a family. I am blessed to be part of an organization dedicated to giving, loving and honoring families that are affected in such a way.