West Palm Beach’s First & Only Adventure Scavenger Hunt

On Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach

Teams of four are given a list of clues, tasks, challenges, and obstacles with different levels of difficulty and point values. Teams must stay on the event footprint, which runs along the downtown waterfront, up Clematis Street. The team with the most points wins.

Each year has a fun theme! 2021’s theme is Cartoons! Teams are encouraged to dress the part to receive extra points and opportunities! 

Bamboozle is held in memory of Kyle Pacheco, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2002. Kyle had an instant connection with Little Smiles – a bond through the years that sustained him through his toughest challenges. Sadly, due to complications, Kyle’s battle with cancer ended on August 10, 2010. But his family (Ed, Kathy, and Colette Pacheco) continues to be an integral part of Little Smiles. They particularly support Bamboozle because it is an event where everyone gets a little crazy and has a lot of fun… which was Kyle’s style.

Check out photos from the event here and the video here!

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